Owner & Executive Chef

Mickel Clark

Joplin MO Catering

Chef Mike is a self taught chef. His love for food and his heart to serve people motivate him to learn more about the culinary world each and every day. Chef Mike has worked in kitchens ever since he was sixteen, and fell in love with the high energy and fast pace environment.


Chef Mike is an award winning chef.


Although starting Clark's Catering was a leap of faith, Chef felt like it was time to share his creations with the world and knew he needed more freedom to tend to his growing family. Chef Mike and his wife Britany finalized on the adoption of their three children January of 2017, and the flexibility of Clark's catering helped walk the long road to adoption. Clark's Catering was birthed May of 2016 and is successfully growing. We owe all the thanks to the community for your continued support in making Chef Mike's dream a reality. Chef Mike gives all glory to God, and knows that Clark's Catering is just another extension of being able to show the love of Jesus through what he has been blessed with. Chef serves at his local church, and is very involved in community ministry and outreach. Clark's Catering strives to be a blessing to all through the creative arts... mentally, physically spiritually and emotionally. 

" I feed my customers so I can feed my family, no strings attached. I love to cook, I love to serve people and I love providing for my family. When you put all those ingredients together, you have a recipe for success!"

Chef Mike